Summer Programme 2022

We meet every Friday 7.00 - 9.00 pm in the Veteran's Hall in Clarence Place

Members please send photos of your work to Jane for the Facebook Page by Noon on Saturday


6 May

Rugged coastlines

13 May

Scenes of City Life, incorporating perspective

20 May

Flying Insects -  butterflies, bees, dragonflies, etc.

27 May

The Jubilee  -  street parties, decorations, portraits of HM etc.

3 June

Weekend  4/5 JUNE:  ART ON THE RAILINGS   

All committee and exhibitors to take a turn to steward if possible at the Riverside on Saturday and Sunday

We will still meet in the hall on Friday  –  “Do Your Own Thing”

10 June

The Blues  -  depicting sadness, a blue still life, landscape or seascape, or take a look at Picasso’s Blue Period  

Make it monotone with only tones of blue to be used – any medium

17 June

The 1920s – flappers, jazz, prohibition, Art Nouveau

24 June

Texture in Paintings – links to impressionism, pointillism and other early 20th century art

1 July

Summer shindig – outside party in the grounds at the Vets Hall

8 July

Childhood Memories

15 July

Rural Landscapes – incorporating village and farm life

22 July

Household Tools Still Life

29 July

Portraits of each other wearing hats

5 August

Bridges and Aquaducts

12 August

British Wildlife – birds, foxes, hedgehogs, wild flowers, etc.

19 August

Still Life of Fruit and Vegetables

26 August

The 60s – music, clothes, the summer of love

The Autumn Programme will start on 2 September 2022                   

NOTE:  The Annual Exhibition in St. George’s Arts Centre Gallery from 12-19 September 2022