Friday 29 January 2016: Gel Printing
Friday 22 January 2016: Portraits in Hats
It was a bit like the mad hatter's tea party at Gravesend Art Group on Friday 22 January but we produced some great lookalike sketches of each other!
Friday 15 January 2016: Water Colour Consequences
Great fun at the meeting on Friday  15 January  - we each painted a background and passed it on to the next person to create a picture - with some amazing results. The exercise does have a serious side in that it helps us to be more adventurous with our backgrounds and not to always paint exactly what we see.
Friday 4 December 2015: Melting Plastics Workshop
Melting Plastic Collage Workshop with Heather Haythornthwaite.
Everyone had a very enjoyable evening with Heather and here are some of the results.