Friday 30 June: “Horses”  body or head shots, using acrylic, pastel, pencil or watercolour.  Bring your own reference pictures but some may be provided. We will also look at Stubbs and wonder why the heads were so small.
Friday 7 July: Another “Do Your Own Thing” night for those who are able to attend, as it is the Preview and Prize Giving Night for the GArts “Art in Gravesham”  Competition and Exhibition and many of us take part in this event.
Friday 14 July: Painting in Alet’s beautiful garden from 3.30pm and Partners to join us at around 5.30 – 6pm for the Annual Shindig.  Please bring your own drinks and a plate of food to share.    
Full details re address, parking arrangements etc. nearer the date                                                  HALL CLOSED
What’s on in the next few weeks?
Friday 30 June and 7 & 14 July

Silhouettes  Friday 20 January 2017

Constable’s Hay Wain  Friday 13 January 2017

Life Drawing  Friday 21 October  2016

GAG Members Enjoy Visit to Alet’s Garden July 2016

15 July 2016: Portrait and Life Drawing with Gus

Watercolour Experiments Friday 16 September 2016

Glass and Reflections  Friday 12 May 2017

Fantasy inspired by 60s’ & 70s’ Album Covers  Fri 23 June 2017