Friday 27 April: “Spring Landscapes” – again working with greetings cards and a calendar in mind. If working for a possible calendar please make your painting A4 or A3 size and landscape orientation.
Friday 4 May : Finish your paintings for the greetings cards and 2019 calendar. We will be choosing the most suitable work for scanning and printing on 1 June.

New Programme for the summer available soon.
What’s on in the next two weeks?
Friday 27 April & 4 May

Silhouettes  Friday 20 January 2017

Constable’s Hay Wain  Friday 13 January 2017

Life Drawing  Friday 21 October  2016

GAG Members Enjoy Visit to Alet’s Garden July 2016

15 July 2016: Portrait and Life Drawing with Gus

Watercolour Experiments Friday 16 September 2016

Glass and Reflections  Friday 12 May 2017

Fantasy inspired by 60s’ & 70s’ Album Covers  Fri 23 June 2017