Summer 2018

Programme of Meetings

The meetings listed below will all be held at the Veterans’ Club in Clarence Place, Gravesend (shown right on the map).  7.00 pm - 9.00 pm.

Some meetings are held elsewhere in the summer

4 May

Finish your paintings for the greetings cards and 2019 calendar.   We will be choosing the most suitable work for scanning and printing on 1 June

11 May

“Birds of a Feather”    Swans, peacocks, game birds etc - focus on their plumage or study a feather in detail from observation

18 May

“Myths and Legends”   more info later

25 May

Demonstration of painting and drawing techniques by Dave Draper.   

Just sit, watch and learn – no materials to bring along, but it may be a good idea to take notes for future reference.

1 June

Bring in your pictures to be chosen for the new greetings cards, Xmas Cards, exhibition publicity leaflet, and 2019 calendar. Mike Fryer will advise on the best pictures to be scanned for the calendar, which should all be landscape orientation.

8 June

“Loving Vincent”  be inspired by the lovely new film and paint your own “Starry Starry Night”

15 June

Painting to Music

22 June

Design a Stained Glass window

29 June

A “do your own thing” night

30 June


Coach outing to Watts Galleries near Guildford

6 July

Collage night – create a masterpiece using old magazines, unusual fabrics and papers, sand, glitter – anything you like  

13 July

Painting in Alet’s beautiful garden from around 4 pm - and Partners or friends  to join us at 6 pm for the Annual Shindig – bring your own drinks and a plate of food to share.  Directions etc will be sent later.                                                                                                                           HALL CLOSED

20 July

Painting outside - looking towards Rochester from Strood riverside  from 3pm onwards.  Directions and meeting point will be given nearer the time.  The Vets Hall will be open as usual in the evening  for a “do your own thing” session                                                                                                          

27 July

“Miniatures and Cameos”   paint to the size of a credit card   Any medium

3 August

Meet at the Gravesend Prom Café at 6pm  - lots to paint down there - Gordon gardens, Canal basin, boats on the river, etc.    HALL CLOSED

10 August

“Summer Blooms”   Lots of colourful and exotic plants to inspire us at this time of the year

17 August

Finish your paintings for the exhibition, and/or let us know if you have any last minute queries.  For newer members we will explain where the various banners should be displayed, and how the sales tickets and duplicates should be completed, etc.

24 August


31 August

EXHIBITION continues    -   HALL CLOSED       

7 September

New programme starts